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We are a London-based marketing consultancy that will help you increase your bottom line using the straightforward and practical application of many decades of marketing and communications experience.

We will help you look at your business, customers and marketing in a fresh light, and together take creative, effective action based on a new vision.

Whether improving customer retention, increasing sales or standing out from your competitors we can offer practical support options that meets your budget and time scales.

We love what we do - it excites, intrigues and rewards us - and we want to share this passion with you.

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How can we help you?

I have a special project that needs external resourcing

Frequently our customers say that they need a quick burst of support, which they can’t access internally, to address a short-term challenge.

We can step in and help you with your specific project – we’ve done it many times for others.

We have previously helped customers by delivering

  • A launch plan for new services
  • Survey our clients' customers, to understand how the latter can be better served 
  • Research into how a customer could beat an emerging competitor
  • Interviews with internal and external stakeholders to get a clear picture of the organisation’s challenges, followed up with recommendations on how best to address them
  • Analysis of big data for a government department to help shape future strategy
  • Advise on how to present project plans to senior stakeholders worldwide and Boards
  • Develop business cases for strategic projects
  • Chairing off site meetings with the marketing team and leadership teams to reassess strategies and resolve internal conflicts
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I need a Marketing Strategy / Plan

Having a clear, focused roadmap for marketing activity is essential. It will achieve clarity and alignment. 

It also creates greater accountability for marketing, and helps to demonstrate ROI. We will create a bespoke strategy for you, using on our extensive experience of writing and delivering successful campaigns and we'll be with you every step of the way when implementing them.

Examples of challenges we’ve addressed for other organisations:
  • A large amount of tactical activity (events, digital, sales) but no integration, resulting in confused and conflicting messaging and missed cross-selling opportunities
  • Lack of distinction amongst competitors
  • Gap analysis in key areas
  • Lack of clear ROI metrics for marketing activity and sensing that the marketing budget can work harder and more effectively
  • Lack of actionable data and market intelligence
  • More clients leaving than are coming in 
You will benefit from a marketing strategy that will deliver:
  • A clearly understood roadmap that can be shared and followed
  • Sharp focus on the key, integrated activities that will help you grow
  • Processes and results tracking to measure success
  • Better insights into the effectiveness of your marketing
  • Competitive advantage through clearer, distinctive messaging
  • Deep understanding of your customer data and how to leverage it
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I have a marketing plan, but want some independent advice to significantly improve and prioritise

Organisations can get a little lost in the fog and noise of day to day activities. You can benefit from having a consultancy step in, talk through priorities and help re-calibrate short-term priorities, and then balance out the longer term activities.

Examples of challenges we’ve addressed for others:

  • Uncertainty about which channels are the most effective at reaching and engaging with existing and new customers
  • Struggling to balance new projects with day-to-day activities
  • Unsure as to exactly what the different customer segments think of their products and services
  • No clear view of customer journey and lifecycle
  • Worried that they are wasting money and time on the wrong places
  • Managing new and competing projects that surface, adding strain to the team and further diluting focus
  • Concern that their activities are not as effective as they could be, and are based on anecdotal evidence rather than researched facts
  • Lacking the methodology to meaningfully measuring activity and its value (financial or other)
  • Demonstrating the value of their marketing activity to senior management and other stakeholders such as external Board

You will benefit from a review that will deliver:

  • A clear set of prioritised marketing deliverables
  • A renewed focus for your team on what marketing will deliver
  • Fact-based recommendations to determine which activities are not worth pursuing
  • Clear methodologies to measure the key marketing activities that drive the growth of your organisation
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I recognise we need to get to grips with digital marketing such as social media - what will work best for our customers, us - and our bottom line?

Digital marketing (including social media) is changing at a staggering pace. It is easy to be left behind and get lost amongst competitor activity, without the right presence.

You cannot seize every opportunity, but with our help you can have a digital plan that can effectively engage your customers, at a budget you can afford.

Examples of challenges we’ve addressed for other organisations

  • A senior management team that isn't able to visualise the full digital landscape and the implications for their customers
  • A marketing team who understand social media but need guidance with strategy and implementation
  • Uncertainty of the value (for money and effectiveness) of each digital channel and platform
  • Lack of a digital strategy to integrate websites, email and social media with offline tactics such as events
  • Email communications not generating the expected results, and no clear understanding of why not
  • Lacking a system to track your social media footprint –what people are saying about it, where, why - and the insights you can capture from this
  • Not enough resource to generate and deliver dynamic content through social networks
  • No time to keep abreast of latest news, trends and best practice in digital marketing and enabling technology

You will benefit from a digital plan that will give you:

  • An understanding of your online marketplace and your positioning within it
  • The opportunities and threats this represents
  • The skills to know which digital activities to take up – and which to avoid
  • A clear map of how much time and money to invest – and how to assess ROI
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I want to understand our clients better and need advice on how best to track, collect and measure the data to provide a single customer view

As marketing channels and content continue to multiply, it becomes increasingly hard to monitor customers, to get to their ‘moments of truth’ ie why they do what they do - and then act upon that knowledge.

Equally, the ability to use this data to improve service, reduce customer attrition, increase sales and engagement, generate new product development ideas and create competitive advantage becomes increasingly important.

We frequently meet organisations that struggle with the volume, range and depth of data they capture – also known as ‘big data’ - and how to use it.

Examples of challenges we’ve addressed for others

  • Struggling with a clear, single view of customers and so can’t refine messaging and targeting for better engagement
  • Data is spread across multiple systems leading to expensive administration and weak customer service
  • There is no data strategy leading to inconsistent data entry, weak communications and poor reporting
  • Not knowing exactly why and when customers buy
  • Not effectively using their CRM system
  • Not knowing what technology to implement to capture, store, retrieve and/or analyse data

Let us review your data and we will deliver a strategy that will give you:

  • Clear, single customer views
  • A constructive data strategy with guidance on how to continue enriching the data
  • Deep understanding of each customer segment’s reasons for choosing their organisation
  • Advice on using the data and systems to deepen and strengthen their relationship with the customer
  • Recommendations on the best data management platform for your organisation (if you don’t have one)
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I need some ad hoc marketing support - e.g. 1 day a week

Hiring full-time Marketing staff can be prohibitive, and we offer a cost-effective alternative.  

By working with us a few days a week or even a month, we can provide strategic oversight and hands on support to ensure your marketing stay on track.

Examples of challenges we’ve addressed for other organisations

  • Struggling to manage different dependencies and stakeholders with competing priorities
  • High day to day workloads that would benefit from a fresh perspective and injection of new ideas
  • Lack of time to create processes to deliver and measure tactics for success
  • Lacking project management support /expertise to efficiently manage multiple demands and activities
  • Support with assessing which emerging marketing tactics work best for your customers and business
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How we work

We believe that with all of the disruption occurring, each new marketing challenge requires a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective. The days of off-the-shelf answers are gone for good.

We start with a 3 hour Workshop to help define the challenge or outcomes you wish to experience, and we also use that as a brainstorming opportunity to assess potential solutions. After the Workshop we provide a full write up of the notes from it, blended with our subsequent research into your market and customers.

Why us?

We believe that the key to successful marketing is to keep things simple and clear.

We offer practical marketing advice to support you and help you grow.

We can do this because:-

  • We listen - we take great care to understand you and your stakeholders before we deliver advice and guidance.
  • We have experience in delivering - our team have worked on both the client side and the agency side, so we know what it’s like to hire a marketing agency. We’ve managed in-house marketing teams, and we’ve run marketing agencies.
  • We deliver good ideas - in these days of information overload, generating and delivering on good ideas and being heard above the noise, is one of the keys to a sustainable competitive advantage. We will provide you with a regular flow of ideas and explain their relevance to you.
  • We are agile – digital communication channels are changing so quickly that you need a flexible, proactive support team on your side, helping you respond rapidly.

Our team has experience working with:-

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