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Membership Organisations

If you are reviewing your membership marketing and looking for fresh ideas and support, we can help you. We have extensive experience, based on many years experience as employees and consultants in this sector.

Getting the balance between helping your members and representing their profession, whilst meeting financial targets (and keeping to often tight budgets), is complex. Therefore, we will take great care to understand your organisation’s issues, goals and stakeholders and their interrelated dependencies.

We’ll deliver focused marketing solutions to help you improve your membership, leading to greater membership retention and growth. This includes:

  • Ensuring your website and digital presence generates increased membership engagement and positions you as knowledge leaders
  • Interpret your organisational objectives into an effective marketing plan that delivers within your resources and budget
  • Creating a data strategy to give you better understanding of your current membership , improve service and identify new opportunities
  • Understanding which social media channels you should or shouldn’t, be using for engaging with your sector and raising your profile in it
  • Helping you identify ways to increase your membership penetration

'Agile Rose is inspiring, supportive and encouraging - but always pragmatic'

Cath Horsfield,Executive Director of Stakeholder Engagement at Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Our Membership Customers

Trillium - Delivery Partner


Trillium is a membership engagement specialist that delivers digital transformation using their CRM and Web platform expertise.        


The Faculty for Public Health (FPH)

The FPH aims to improve the public's health through advocacy and campaign work, education, and standard-setting.



CIEH Food (formerly TiFSiP) is a membership community that bring together all parts of the food sector that work to keep food safe, healthy and trustworthy.


The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA)

The IPA is the membership body for those in the advertising, media, marketing and communications profession .


The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)

The CIEH is the professional voice for all those working in environmental health.


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