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Membership Excellence 2016, London, in April

We were delighted to be a guest Speaker at the Membership Excellence 2016, Memberwise National Conference, London on 21st April 2016.

Our Session: ‘Membership Body Silo Busting – how to get it sorted!’

 We addressed the issues we don’t like to acknowledge (but are there and under the surface!) that hold back membership organisations and association including: -

  • Head office – teams with conflicting agendas (e.g. Membership v Prof. Standards).
  • Head office versus regional network and unofficial “clubs.” + ‘Them and Us’
  • Membership myths – legacy views with no evidence.
  • How to work with vocal advocates v ‘real’ passive members.
  • Lack of board member ‘real’ member insight and understanding.
  • Champagne expectations on a beer budget.

Delegates heard insights and debated the issues with myself, a former membership Head of Marketing and Communications turned marketing consultant.

Learning objectives

By addressing these barriers to progression, membership retention and recruitment can be improved, specifically:

  1. Ensuring your decisions are made on an accurate, shared view of your membership base.
  1. Getting internal stakeholders to positively contribute and support marketing activity.
  1. Turning member, regional and splinter groups into contributors to the whole organisation, without them feeling disenfranchised.

The presentation was well received and has sparked several meetings with membership organisations. 

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