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Digital and Social Media

Digital marketing (including social media) is changing at a staggering pace. It is easy to be left behind and get lost amongst competitor activity, without the right presence.

You cannot seize every opportunity, but with our help you can have a digital plan that can effectively engage your customers, at a budget you can afford.

Examples of challenges we’ve addressed for other organisations

  • A senior management team that isn't able to visualise the full digital landscape and the implications for their customers
  • A marketing team who understand social media but need guidance with strategy and implementation
  • Uncertainty of the value (for money and effectiveness) of each digital channel and platform
  • Lack of a digital strategy to integrate websites, email and social media with offline tactics such as events
  • Email communications not generating the expected results, and no clear understanding of why not
  • Lacking a system to track your social media footprint –what people are saying about it, where, why - and the insights you can capture from this
  • Not enough resource to generate and deliver dynamic content through social networks
  • No time to keep abreast of latest news, trends and best practice in digital marketing and enabling technology

You will benefit from a digital plan that will give you:

  • An understanding of your online marketplace and your positioning within it
  • The opportunities and threats this represents
  • The skills to know which digital activities to take up – and which to avoid
  • A clear map of how much time and money to invest – and how to assess ROI
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