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Marketing Review

Organisations can get a little lost in the fog and noise of day to day activities. You can benefit from having a consultancy step in, talk through priorities and help re-calibrate short-term priorities, and then balance out the longer term activities.

Examples of challenges we’ve addressed for others:

  • Uncertainty about which channels are the most effective at reaching and engaging with existing and new customers
  • Struggling to balance new projects with day-to-day activities
  • Unsure as to exactly what the different customer segments think of their products and services
  • No clear view of customer journey and lifecycle
  • Worried that they are wasting money and time on the wrong places
  • Managing new and competing projects that surface, adding strain to the team and further diluting focus
  • Concern that their activities are not as effective as they could be, and are based on anecdotal evidence rather than researched facts
  • Lacking the methodology to meaningfully measuring activity and its value (financial or other)
  • Demonstrating the value of their marketing activity to senior management and other stakeholders such as external Board

You will benefit from a review that will deliver:

  • A clear set of prioritised marketing deliverables
  • A renewed focus for your team on what marketing will deliver
  • Fact-based recommendations to determine which activities are not worth pursuing
  • Clear methodologies to measure the key marketing activities that drive the growth of your organisation
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